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Sidestreet Distributing wholesale distributes independent recordings of folk, bluegrass, old-time, Celtic, blues, roots, and related genres. We are committed to providing competitive pricing, and helpful service to make purchasing the genres of music we carry as convenient and effective as possible for you.

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If you are a retailer, feel free to email for our printed catalog - sidest@sidestreetdistributing.com

Featured New Releases:

Banjo Mechanics - JLP
2014 - "We are Canadian banjo prospectors!" Lewis Melville and Ian Pattison in a less-is-more program of 12 original tunes, rendered on two banjos and nothing else: "Tidy It Up," "Splurch!," "Adelaide," "Pterodactyl Ptruk" and more.
BFM-CD014 .. CD .. code O

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys - IONIA
2015 - Sophomore outing from this high-flying, original "metagrass" quartet: Lindsay Lou and Josh Rilko, Mark Lavengood and PJ George III. "The River Jordan," "Hot Hands," "House Together," "Smooth and Groovy," 12 in all.
EARTHWORK-CD2303 .. CD .. code O

Harman, James - BONETIME
2015 - His first new studio album in 12 years!! Blues harp baron/versifier entertains, amuses his audience with this set of a dozen new originals. "I Am the World's Badluckest Man," "Bad Feets/Bad Hair," "Blue Stretchmark Tattoo," more. Includes guests Junior Watson, Kid Ramos, Candye Kane, Gene Taylor, and others.
EFI-CD3444 .. CD .. code T

MacMaster & Donnell Leahy, Natalie - ONE
2015 - Celtic couple's first-ever duet recording is filled with contemporary tracks: "St. Nick's," "The Chase," "Wedding Day Jig," "Tribute to Buddy," nine more.
LIN-CD270208 .. CD .. code P

2015 - "A Musical Portrait of the Appalachian Mountains: Solo Acoustic Guitar." Lots of traditional melodies plus some Petteway originals - "Guitar Rag," "Shady Grove," "Sheep at the Door," 18 in all.
MAGG-CD431 .. CD .. code L

Mair, Marilynn - MADRUGADA - "DAYBREAK"
2015 - Original music plus tunes from Guarneri, Milhaud, Egberto Gismonti and others from this mandolinic world citizen; with guests Luiz Simas, Choro das 3 and guitarists Robert N. Martel and Paul Dressel. "Drawing from the past while moving forward, renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair weaves the disparate threads of her extraordinary musical career... into an original tapestry of rare and heartfelt beauty."
QORQ-CD5509 .. CD .. code Q

Parr, Charlie - STUMPJUMPER
2015 - Resonator guitarist/singer influences range from traditional folk blues, old-time string bands, to spirituals. "Empty Out Your Pockets," "Remember Me If I Forget," "Over The Red Cedar," 11 in all.
REDH-CD283 .. CD .. code R

1968 reissue featuring traditional classics: "Little Brown Jug," "Black Eyed Susie," "The Little Shirt Mother Made For Me," 20 in all.
RHY-CD183 .. CD .. code G